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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

leading to the creation of a new product category. For example, the products of The Body Shop are distinguishable from other cosmetics in the retail outlets.


Companies allocate low priority to .green marketing. At present, there are many severe environmental problems which need to be solved and in the short term only few problems can be focused on. The benefits of green marketing may not be outstanding to be clearly perceived by the customers. The companies place more emphasis on the purchase of environmentally-friendly technologies and equipment.

Successful activities relating to environmental protection and conservation need effective alliances and co-operation among the public, private • sector, and government agencies. At present, there are not many lobbies against products which tend to harm the environment. So there is not enough pressure felt by environment-damaging products to shift to more environmentally-friendly products.

Because of lack of awareness and understanding, not many customers are sensitive to the potential damage to the environment caused by many traditional products. Since results of green marketing are not obvious in the short term, it is


extremely difficult to influence the target group to become environmentally aware. The positive unpact of green marketing is not felt to be real by many groups ._-

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There are perceptual problems associated with refilling of products. Many consumers do not accept refill products because they are concerned about hygiene

when refilling products.

Another threat is the lack of recycling capability in many countries around the world. The recycling capability of the packaging materials is limited and the cost of recycled paper is higher than prime paper. This discourages people from using recycled paper.

Further, because of the worldwide no-advertisement policy, the company products are misconstrued as trendy, fashionable products rather than as essentially green products. The word-of-mouth promotion is slow and time-consuming.

Anita Roddick's and Body Shop's stature as symbols of socially responsible business is not all hype. Body Shop is a pioneer of social and environmental accounting, in which companies report on their own ethics, warts and all. In a survey published in December by the Financial Times, media and non-government organizations ranked Body Shop second (after BP) among the world's companies for managing its environmental resources. Body Shop's reputation as a social marketer

I might also include some information about my personal history: where I grew up, where I went to school, various places I've lived. If I have one, I'll include a picture of myself engaging in an activity I enjoy, such as a sport or hobby.

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Taking a break from work

What a job!

I might describe my job in a little more detail here. I'll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Jules and Jim, Manhattan, Breaking the Waves

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Ibrahim Ferrer